Princess’s Diaries: My Internship Journey

Hello fellow students!

This is gonna be my first time doing a blog and I am going to share with you my journey on my 200-hour internship here at Summit Media.


Actually, writing isn’t my thing. I don’t even want to get myself involved with any companies associated with journalism or writing. It’s not that I am bad at it- rather I just find myself better at public speaking than, you know, writing. Maybe because I have been working as an ESL Teacher for two years already, which makes me like speaking (and teaching) more.

DSC_1901.jpg(Credits to: Dandy Ayds)

For those curious about how I passed or even got accepted as an intern in this company, it was actually pretty unexpected.

I submitted my CV 2 weeks before I even got called by the HR.

If you try to submit an e-mail ( With your CV and etc.), sometimes their inbox is full already and your e-mail won’t be sent to them so try to walk-in and show yourself instead- bring your endorsement letter and CV.

In my case, I have two relatives working there so it was easier for me to get accepted.

That time I applied (May 15-25 I think), they keep on telling me that they are not accepting interns anymore because the slots are full and that they’ll call me IF EVER some won’t show up at their ojt, which I thought was impossible because COME ON! Why would they ditch Summit Media? Right?

But then, a week after, I received a call from the HR (OMG THAT WAS UNEXPECTED)  telling me that I will be having my interview on Monday and she also asked me to bring sample portfolios of my work. She also told me that I was referred by my tita, who works there as well so I was prioritized first before anybody else waiting for that hope as well.

By the way here are the portfolios that I brought during the interview:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These are some of my articles on our published magazine in FEU during our Journalism class. The magazine is about depression. 


Fast forward, I had my interview and then she told me to wait for the results the next day. I thought I wasn’t gonna be accepted this time but I received a call the next day telling me that I was chosen and I will be starting immediately on Monday, June 5, 2017.

(During that time, E-newsline and ABS-CBN called me as well, telling me that I also passed the interviews- But my heart is in Summit Media, so I chose to be there.)


I will keep updating my diary (blog) every now and then so stay tuned!

For more questions about the application and the interview (interview questions and tips and whatsoever) just comment here! 🙂

Check out my next posts for my Internship Journey Day 1 onwards!


My reaction when they called me 😀



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