Princess’s Diaries: My Internship Journey Day 6

Day 6

June 14, 2017



The sixth day was my busiest day so far- Like, I was literally under pressure to finish all the tasks given to me by ALL OF THE STAFF MEMBERS (Not only my supervisor gave me a task- They are all 5 of them), but no worries, I was able to finish them 🙂 Tho I went home at 9 p.m. ahahha. My latest time to go home for the record.

So my first task was to check the new sets of CDs and DVDs given by my supervisor and get all pictures of the sponsors and their items in there. Basically it was easy but since there were so many photos and videos, I can’t finish them quickly- But at least I’m doing my job carefully and not in a hurry.

After that, she asked to research some potential topics (Relevant to Smart Parenting) that they can write in the for the next days and make a pitch for each. Then, she gave me 3 Good Housekeeping magazines and asked me to transcribe all the articles of “Money Experts” and the Ask our experts section about Yayas in all these three issues. Typing is easy but the articles are too long and too many so it took me forever to finish it! After typing all of them, I have to come up with an article about both topics, and pitch some related topics about it too that they can write.



Everything would be done by me quickly only if they don’t ask me to finish all the tasks given to me at once. All of them were like, “Unahin mo yung sakin ha?”, so I don’t know which to finish first LOL. I ended up finishing the easy ones first, leaving the task given by my supervisor for the next day (She told me I can finish it tomorrow anyway so she asked me to go home already because she was about to go home already and I might be the only staff left in our department and that was at 9 p.m.).

Anyways, aside from those task, I also did some research about different Father’s day deals, discount, promos, coupons and etc. because the other staff will be writing an article about it.

Check out the article here:

The last thing I did was to pick out some of the Filipino celebrity dads’ Instagram posts wherein the pictures show them bonding together with their daughters to come up with an article for Father’s day too. This task was also a bit tough because I have to stalk so many celebrities on IG which I really don’t normally do. But it was fun seeing their pictures together with their kids. ❤

Check out that article here :


So that was my Day 6!

Stay tuned for my next updates!




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