Princess’s Diaries: My Internship Journey Day 7

Day 7

June 15, 2017


19239498_1924301867829359_407154482_n (1).jpg

Snapchat: Princessvarsha (Princess_dasal)

Here’s a Snap chat photo of me before going to work! 😉

I’m just wearing my NSTP uniform plus jeans today because I don’t feel like being fashionable at the moment- I don’t know why but sometimes it has something to do with the weather or my mood.


Since my day 6 was hell, what I did on my day 7 was basically just completing and polishing my unfinished tasks which were the Instagram posts for Father’s day; My pitches about Money saving tips and the article about Yayas.

For the IG posts for Father’s day:


For the Money saving tips and Yaya articles


Also, since I’m not that busy, I read all of these Smart Parenting magazine issues to familiarize their way of writing and to ease my boredom as well. Haha.


By the way, we have a new intern! She is from UST and her course is somewhat related to Graphics Design so basically we do different tasks and etc. I like her because we talk. 🙂 Finally I don’t feel alone in the department because I’m the only intern they had the moment I started here.

Here’s what a typical lunch from the Summit Media Pantry look like:


I loved the fish to be honest ❤

      For just 70 you can already have your stomach full with these set of meals. I always eat lunch at the pantry with my co- intern Pauline at exactly 12 noon until 1 p.m.


Anyways, after all the stuff I did, Mrs. Lei asked me to transcribe the videos from the interview. I just had to listen to it carefully and had it written quickly and I’m done!

These were the videos I transcribed 😉 :

Have you watched the three videos?

If yes, who is your favorite dad among the three? 🙂

Which one do you find the coolest? 😉



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