My MNL48 Journey

Recently, everyone has been buzzing throughout the social media about MNL48 and its online vote-system auditions. Starting last year, thousands of cute and gorgeous ladies from all around the country signed up to join the search for the first generation members of MNL48.

Of course, not everyone can relate to this phenomena.

Most of my friends, my classmates and even my parents ask me..

What is MNL48?

Is that a brand? a cafe? a place? a TV show or something? Nah. Definitely not.


The Manila 48 or what we know as the MNL48 is an all-female group in the Philippines and the newest sister group of the Japanese girl band and pop music phenomenon known worldwide as AKB48.



It was said that the aim of this group is focused in transforming ordinary girls into international superstars, which most of us dreamed about even when we were little.

Also, this Filipino idol group will continue AKB48’s original concept of “idols you can meet” by performing daily at their own theater and MNL48 will be committed to pleasing fans by always performing up to the best of their abilities whilst keeping in mind that they are on an international stage with the whole world as their audience.

The group is divided into three teams: M N & L and follow a ranking system similar to that of AKB48. The MNL48 ranking system comprises of a Center Girl, Super 7, Selections (all-stars), Under Girls, Next Girls, Future Girls and Kenkyusei (trainees).



Now you finally knew about MNL48..

Anyone familiar with AKB48?


AKB48 is an all-female idol group from Japan that began its activities in December 2005. The concept is “Idols You Can Meet”.


The unique point about the AKB48 Project is that the process of the idols growing can be shared with the fans.

An exclusive “AKB48 Theater” is held for the girls in Akihabara, Tokyo, where there are daily performances with dance and song. Sounds cool isn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to be an idol just like them? 🙂

AKB48 is popular not only in our country and in Japan, but also all around Asia.


         As of February 2016, there are already 554 members in all the groups. Yasushi Akimoto is expanding the AKB48 concept to several sister groups. Sister groups in Japan include SKE48 in Nagoya, NMB48 in Osaka, HKT48 in Hakata, and NGT48 in Niigata.
Sister groups abroad start with JKT48 in Jakarta, Indonesia, and announcements of TPE48 in Taipei, Taiwan, MNL48 in Manila, Philippines, and BNK48 in Bangkok, Thailand, have been made in 2016.
       “Senbatsu Members” selected from all members including those of sister groups in Japan perform the title song when new CD singles are released.Through a partnership between Hallo Hallo Entertainment and AKS CO., LTD, the foundation of MNL48 was finally made official. The new Philippine-based sister group will follow a structure similar to that used by AKB48. Members will be selected through a nationwide search with the final formation to be declared via general elections.



Everyone is looking forward to this…. So am I.




I am a big fan of AKB48! I just love their songs and their dances and each of them are unique and very special. They inspired me a lot. That’s why, a week after the MNL48 audition announcement, I finally decided to join and an applicant as well.

I called myself Hime chan since my name is Princess and Hime means ‘Princess’ in Japanese so i decided to use it as a nickname. Besides this is how my friends call me. 🙂


So far, I have a total of 1,837 likes and 346 personal messages from the people who voted for me. ❤ I was actually touched because so far, I guess I have the biggest amount of messages received among other applicants. Hehe.


Also, luckily I’m in the Top 10 until now 🙂

I used to be consistent in the 5th rank but then just yesterday my rank went down to 6, but I guess its okay. 🙂 Still, I need more support from you guys!


Let me introduce myself to you by the way:

Full Name: Princess Angolluan
Nickname: Cessy, Varsha ( My teacher name – Im an English teacher), Hime chan, Hime 🙂
STAGE NAME: Hime chan
Birthday: February 2, 1998
Age: 19
Height: 155 cm
Weight: 45 kg 

Special Skills/Talent:
– I am a Cosplayer: I have been cosplaying for about 6 years already 🙂 These are my favorite characters:



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

– I do photo,video editing and videography – AB in Communication student here! ( FEU whooo! )
– Of course, as a free lance host and singer, I love singing and dancing- sometimes, I do them both.- I love teaching, hosting, broadcasting, writing/ copyreading- Which made be be accepted as an intern at Summit Media! 🙂
– I can also play the piano, violin ( a bit), guitar and the flute.


You can connect with me with these accounts:
IG :
FB :

Food: Adobo, Tuyo/Daing ( I always crave for salty food), chocolates!,Sushi and dumplings- Basically anything that is edible (Foodie )
Color: Red and black
Movie: Hangover 1-3
Anime: Kimi no nawa, Koe no katachi and Anohana for movies and Date A live and AKB0048 for anime series
Drama: Goblin (Kdrama sorry 😀 )
Number: 10
Song: Euterpe ( Guilty crown) , Zen Zen Zense and Nandemonaiya ( Kimi no na wa)
Groups/Bands: Scandal and AKB48 ofcourse

Admired 48FAMILY member:-
– Mayu Watanabe !

Gusto ko maging MNL48 Member dahil…?
– Aside from being an English teacher to Japanese students, a part-time host/singer, a Masscomm student in FEU and an AKB48 fan, being an aspiring performer and being part of the MNL48 would be a great step and honor in fulfilling my dreams as a singer and dancer! I am always seen performing on stage and joining competitions, even though I`m already 19, I never stopped reaching my dream. I will do my best to be part of this group. And if that happens, I wont let you down! 🙂

Idol Phrase?
– Everyone can be a Princess 🙂 ( And my name is Princess 😀 lol )

MNL48 Profile Link:


These are my photos on my application. See my application here:




This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Recently, I was rated by a page called, “I rate your MNL48 oshi,” and this is what they came up with:


Thank you “I rate your MNL48 oshi” for this!

I’m not too perfect tho so I hope they don’t say that. 😀 And how does that become a con?




If you want to see more of me, I uploaded some of my photos here:


Preparing for a shoot!


My fashion shoot with Mr. Rocky Trillance




Credits to: Nyaroha Snapshot


Off to Ice skate!


Time for bed!






Credits to: Nyaroha Snapshot


Credits to: Trillance


Credits to: Nyaroha Snapshot






Credits to: Wan-Nyan Multimedia




My latest hair color!


My first hosting/singing event!


Credits to: Nyaroha Snapshot


My 18th debut party 🙂









For more information or questions, feel free to comment or message me 🙂

As I was saying, I still need your support guys.. You can do that by simply clicking this link, then Register.

The pictures below will guide you.

mnl48 registerpersonal infolast part

After you register your e-mail and all the other information needed, This will appear, meaning you have successfully registered an account.

Then, click the home tab on the upper right corner and it will lead you to this page.

registration success


To look for my profile, search on the tab by Rank and then click go, or simply type my nick name on the search tab- Hime chan.



Click my profile once you find it..



On my profile you can see my pictures, videos, my message and description and the other voter’s messages for me. You will also see a message box there- you can write me a message as well.





Click the “LIKE” red button and a green notification will tell you that you successfully voted an applicant. 🙂

Check out my profile here:



As you can see, the video is just 30 seconds long, so here’s the link of my full-length cover of Moana’s “How far I’ll go”.

And this is my MNL48 Journey so far. Please comment down below if you have voted for me. I would really appreciate your support.


Here are my other videos :3

Hopefully, the results for the online auditions will come out soon…

For more information, you can check MNL48’s page:




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