Hair 101: How to color your hair using crepe paper

Want a pocket-friendly way of coloring your hair?

Why not try coloring your hair using crepe paper? 🙂  For only 10 pesos, you can now say hello to your new hair color! Aside from being inexpensive, it won’t damage your hair as much as other chemical hair dyes do! This is not permanent tho, but it’s fine! Who would want to be a red-head girl for 6 months or a year right? Using Crepe Paper to dye your hair would give you vibrant hair color for 2-3 weeks. In my case, my green hair color lasted for a 3 months. Thanks to my proper hair care 😉 

Just look at how nice crepe papers are on your hair!


My hair dyed using green crepe paper


My hair was black back then, but it was a bit brownish.

If your hair is black, I suggest using the green color too. It works best for black hair. 🙂


This is my purple hair 🙂

Take note: Violet crepe papers only works on brown hair. You’ll see results too with your black hair, but, I don’t want you to get disappointed so, better not use violet on black hair 🙂 Unless you bleach 😉


Frequently Asked Questions :

1.) Where can I buy crepe paper? 
– You can find them in all National Bookstores nationwide, or other local bookstores near your place. Try asking the nearest sari-sari store in your area too. Sometimes they sell crepe papers 😉

2.) What is the salt for?
– The salt helps the dyeing process to make the color bond more to your hair. It will make it more vibrant too. It won’t damage your hair so don’t worry 😉
3.) Is it permanent?
– Nope. But you can make it last long depending on the number of times you wash and shampoo your hair.
4.) How long will it last?
– Mine lasted for 2-3 weeks. But as I said, it depends on the number of times your wash your hair.
5.) I have black hair, will this work?
– No, except the green color.
6.) How do I get rid of the color?
– Wash and shampoo your hair everyday.
7.) Should I shampoo my hair after?
-After soaking the hair for 15-30 minutes, rinse your hair and use your favorite conditioner to tame the dryness and prevent damage. Skip shampoo so the color sets and does not fade.

8.) Will it stain my clothes/pillows?
– After the first wash, dry your hair completely before using any white or light fabric. After drying, it won’t stain fabrics anymore. But just to be sure, use dark or black fabrics until the next day.


Try it now! 🙂

You can do this at home, without having to go to any beauty salon, likewise, you can save money by knowing the ideal technique to execute it yourself.

Now, here are the steps on dyeing your hair using crepe paper:

  1.  Cut the crepe paper into small strips. I recommend using two crepe papers for better results. If your hair is longer, try using 2 and a half.

2. Place the paper strips into a container with hot water. I repeat, hot water.

3. Mix it with a spoon to release the color completely, let stand for about twenty minutes, then add some salt to it.

4. Put on your gloves to protect your hands from stains.

5. Divide your hair into sections, and wrap the paper strips into each sections of your hair. Put a bobby pin to help it keep in place. Keep it for about fifteen to thirty minutes.

6. Remove the paper strips and rinse your hair.  Then, blow dry it to see the color results.

 Watch this video for the hair dye tutorial:


Which hair color works on you? 🙂


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