Just broke up with your ex? Here are 5 easy ways on how to move on!

You thought you and your partner are destined to last forever-until you found yourself breaking up with him for some sort of reasons.

Well, that happens to most of us, right?

I know, I know- Moving on is one of the hardest and the worst thing that happens in this world. But let’s not make ourselves complicated. Moving on can be easy. Of course it can.

Perhaps now, you ask yourself: How do we really move on? How should we move on?

Well, here are the 5 steps on how to move on easily 🙂

These steps are proven effective in my case (I had 8 exes already- with 3 years the longest), and it can be effective for you guys too! Trust me 😉

So, this is how we do it:

  1. ACCEPTANCE. Accept the fact the he/she is not the right guy/girl for you. Accept the fact that your relationship did not work and that it has ended already. Accept the fact that he’ll never be yours again. Accept the fact that you have to start living without him from now on. Acceptance is the key to let your heart and your mind open itself to reality (In case you still think that everything was just a  dream). HOWEVER, DO NOT EVER BLAME YOURSELF AS THE REASON WHY YOU BROKE UP. It is never your fault. Blaming yourself would just lead to guilt, thus might result in to you begging and pleading for him to come back. That’s a No-No.


2. Do the “NO CONTACT RULE”. I am serious. This is very effective. Stop contacting him-Even just a simple Hi, Hello, how are you, DONT. In doing this, you have to be very disciplined. Trust me, it helps 🙂 Also, do not block them-you don’t have to- unless you find yourself stalking him irresistibly every day, then go ahead and do so. You can just simply unfollow them instead. In that way you’re showing that you are not bitter and that you are completely fine with what’s happening. Also, the No contact rule is effective if you want to get your ex back, because not only it can help you forget him, not contacting your ex will let him feel that you don’t need him/her anymore (Reverse psychology can explain this) thus, it will result to him contacting you first instead.


Once you started the No contact rule, there’s no turning back. Or else you have to go back from the start. The ideal no contact rule is at least 30 days.


3. Have a make over. You do not necessarily need to change your whole self. Just pamper yourself-go to the spa, salon, get some new hair cut, hair color, have your nails polished, go shopping, etc or immerse yourself with some new hobbies like swimming, hiking, playing the piano, travelling or even getting a new pet will do. Getting a new make over or learning some new hobbies can help you boost your self-confidence and it will help you feel good about yourself.


4. Flirt ! You are now free to do so! Take this opportunity to let other guys come in. Be socially active- talk with some guys or girls, make new friends, hang out! It’ll make you feel better


5. Forget all the memories by removing all the gifts and letter or other things that he/she gave you. You don’t need to throw them away or burn them-just keep it in a place where you can’t see them every day.


Also, always remember that the best thing to move on is to keep yourself engaged with your family and friends. Do not isolate yourself in your room- go out, stay positive and be free!

Watch this video to learn more:


Got any suggestions on how to move on?

Comment down below! 🙂


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